6615 E Marginal Way S, Seattle, WA 98108 (206) 768-0418

As a young man growing up in Southern
California, Matt Jones became enamored with a
local hot dog stand located in the San Fernando
Valley. His dad used to take him there and, while
sitting on the outside counter of the stand, the
two would eat their favorite meal. Matt would
often tell his friends that someday, he too would
own a hot dog stand. While Matt's friends talked
of becoming architects and doctors, Matt talked
about hot dogs. Sometimes, Matt's friends would
say "Can't we talk about something other than
hot dogs?" "Ok," Matt would say, "let's talk
about the buns that you put them in."
After graduation from high school in 1979, Matt
headed off to college. He attended Brigham
Young University and studied business. During
his senior year, Matt took a course in
Entrepreneurship. Students were required to
create a business plan as part of their final
project. Matt's was on a Hot Dog stand. After
earning a degree in finance in 1985, Matt was
accepted into the graduate school of business at
the University of Southern California. Before
receiving his MBA, Matt completed another
business plan on a Hot Dog stand.
Upon graduation from USC in 1987, Matt pursued
a career in mortgage banking. He joined a firm in
downtown Los Angeles and began financing large
commercial real estate projects. While crunching
numbers and wearing business suits, he couldn't
shake the dream of starting out on his own,
selling hot dogs. In 1991, after almost five years
in downtown LA, Matt and his family decided to
sell it all, pack up the car, move to Seattle (his
wife's hometown), and follow his dream of starting
a Hot Dog stand.
It took about a year of searching, but Matt finally
located the original Matt's in the Georgetown area
of South Seattle. It opened on June 11, 1992.
Since that time, Matt has served many a happy
customer. And the dream of the Hot Dog stand
lives on!