6615 E Marginal Way S, Seattle, WA 98108 (206) 768-0418



"A bid for world domination. I thought I was immune to such mind control, but after trying a diabolically good "Chicago style" hot dog at Matt's, I'm not so sure. I felt this strong need to thank the hot dog guy, like he'd somehow improved my life.
Scott McGeath, The Stranger

"You will find Chicago dogs done to perfection at Matt's.
Sara Dickerman, Seattle Magazine

"A cut above the hot dogs we remembered from our childhoods"
Renae Breider and Sheila Sleet, Citizen staff reporters

"Good place with honest food, cheerfully served"
John Hinterberger, Seattle Times

"The only place I know of within 2,000 miles to get a real Chicago-style hot dog in a steamed bun, complete with sport pickles and celery salt.
The Seattle Times, Dining Section

"Matt's carries the sacred torch of staunchly genuine Chicago dogs right here on East Marginal Way"
Rachel Kessler, Stranger

"Recession prices, lay-down-your-money and take-your-dog service, places to park your cars, places to sit down inside (a half-dozen stools) and outside (picnic tables galore), and then there's the friendly staff, including smilin' Matt himself.
Charlie M. on Yelp

"I love Matt's! I've been going to this location since 1998 or so and it's always a treat.
Franz L. on Yelp

"…man, I was loving those fries… if any of you guys are craving some fries you should get it here."
Philicia S. on Yelp

"I love Matt's. The dogs SNAP. And they taste good. And they have yummy stuff on them.
Sacha D. on Yelp

"I always think what could have been if we were at Matt's."
Law P. on Yelp

"Great hot dogs? check.
Crispy delicious fries? check.
Reasonable prices? check.
Friendly fast service? check."
Alyson L. on Yelp